I am Sherlocked
Hello Governor:)

I'm Lisa, 17 years old and I have an unhealthy but utterly fulfilling obsession with Sherlock, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Once upon a time, the Hunger Games, BASICALLY EVERYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE AND IT INCREASES EVERY DAY
Catherine Tate is a ginger goddess and David Tennant is my future husband; he just doesn't know about it yet.

Occasional kittens are to be found.
Fangirling is a full time job and for many years now I have been in a wonderful relationship with my laptop.
I like my men how I like my tea: HOT AND BRITISH.

Tumblr Terms and Conditions: Highlights

If you didn’t bother reading Tumblr’s new T&C you missed out on some dope shit. 
Tumblr was wearing sassy pants, mentioned Benedict Cumberbatch and compliments you on your beauty and art.
Well done Tumblr!

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